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Ghost Hunting and Haunted Weekends

If you are looking for an unusual weekend away why not think about booking one of Mysteria Paranormal Events haunted weekends. Haunted weekends are ideal for special occasions or if you just want to experience the thrill of haunted weekends away in some of the most haunted castle and mansions in the UK. If you want somewhere more local to where you live we can even organise your own private Haunted weekends away and tailor the haunted weekends to suit your needs and dietary requirements.

For more information about haunted weekends and haunted weekend breaks away please give us a call on 01457 877008 office hours 10am until 9pm 7 days a week.  Monthly instalments can be arranged please call or click on the button if you are interested.

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Office Hours 10am until 9pm 7 days a week! 

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Lancaster Castle


A Halloween Night of Infinite Terror at Edinburgh’s most haunted

On Saturday night 1st November you will experience a supernatural journey that will be the strangest Halloween adventure you have ever encountered! To get you in the mood for your adventure that awaits you. You will be taken to Greyfriars Kirk for a tour of the graveyard, followed by a vigil in one of the world’s most haunted locations, “The Black Mausoleum!” Haunted by the infamous Mackenzie poltergeist!

If you survive you will be taken to Edinburgh’s most famous and haunted “Mary Kings Close!” However, the good people at Mysteria felt that this wasn’t quite enough to sway your mind in thinking that this is the best Halloween experience ever! So! What we decided to do is to have a special guest on the evening, a guest who is getting the reputation of being the world’s most haunted painting!! Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce “The Anguished Man!”

Join Mysteria Paranormal Events  with John Blackburn in a ghost hunting experience for only £39! Join  Mysteria Paranormal Events on this ultimate ghost hunting experience.

Take part in exciting ghost hunting vigils with Mysteria's John Blackburn! "Mysteria" Ghost Hunting Nights will take you to amazing locations throughout the country with one of the leading paranormal companies in the UK. Ghost hunting with Mysteria Paranormal Events is the real deal, no tricks! Mysteria Paranormal Events offer professional ghost hunts and ghost hunting throughout the UK that are renowned for being the most haunted locations in your area. Join Mysteria Paranormal Events on ghost hunts and paranormal events that will chill you to the bone....

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